The COllaborative for cardioVascular Equity in North Philadelphia (COVE-NP) is focusing on engaging community residents around heart health education to improve health literacy, improve the diversity of the medical work force in cardiovascular medicine and educate community residents about heart disease prevention.

Health Equity for the Women of North Philadelphia

National studies have shown that African American and Latina women are the least educated on heart disease prevention and the availability for heart disease treatments.  African American women have the highest death rates when they have heart disease. Like other locations in our nation, heart disease is the leading cause of death. This is also true in Philadelphia.  In North Philadelphia, the premature heart disease death rate is the highest in the city. When questioned, community members in North Philadelphia have requested access to training on diet and nutrition.

The Women of North Philadelphia need heart health education to educate them regarding how to prevent heart disease and on how to take care of themselves when they develop heart disease.  A coordinated program of education aimed at improving awareness of heart disease as a major health care risk for women is needed in our community.

WomenHeart Philadelphia

Resources and community events to promote education on heart disease prevention strategies and the availability of treatments to residents located in North Philadelphia.

COVID-19 Narratives Program

COVID-19 has hit the community of North Philadelphia hard. Despite Temple University Hospital (TUH) having 10% of the available hospital beds citywide, it had 30% of the COVID-19 cases in Philadelphia.

COVE-NP Scholars’ Program

The next generation of cardiologists need to be more diverse and well educated on racial, ethnic, and sex-specific differences in heart disease. See how we are preparing the next generation.