About The Collaborative

Our Mission

The COllaborative for cardioVascular Equity in North Philadelphia (COVE-NP) brings together the Temple Heart and Vascular Institute and the Office of Community Engaged Research and Practice with a shared mission to achieve cardiovascular health equity for the Residents of North Philadelphia.

The collaborative will achieve this mission by focusing on 3 key areas which are important in achieving cardiovascular health equity:

  1. Narrowing the gap in health literacy about cardiovascular disease for communities of color by increasing the visibility of public health messaging and engaging community members in meaningful partnerships that promote education on heart disease prevention strategies and the availability of treatments to residents located in North Philadelphia.
  2. Engaging community members as partners in understanding the disparities in cardiovascular disease outcomes for North Philadelphia and COVID-19.
  3. Increasing the diversity of the workforce in medicine by supporting programs which encourage under-represented minority medical trainees to pursue cardiovascular medicine as a profession as well as educating them on cardiovascular disease disparities and the impact of social determinants of health on the delivery of evidence-based medicine to North Philadelphia residents.

Our Partners