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48% percent of African American Women 20 years or older have Cardiovascular Disease. Yet only 14% believe that this disease is their greatest health care threat.

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Heart diseases is the leading cause of death for Hispanic women. Yet, only 34% of them know that heart disease is their greatest health threat.

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As many as 11.6 Million Americans have Heart Valve Disease (HVD). Approximately 1 in 50 women of all ages have HVD; 1 in 13 women age 65-75 have HVD; 1 in 10 women age 75 and up have HVD.

Collaborative for Cardiovascular Health Equity

The COllaborative for cardioVascular Equity in North Philadelphia (COVE-NP) brings together the Office of Community Engaged Research and Practice and the Temple Heart and Vascular Institute with a shared mission to achieve cardiovascular health equity for the residents of North Philadelphia. The collaborative is focusing on engaging community residents around heart health education to improve health literacy, improve the diversity of the medical work force in cardiovascular medicine and educate community residents about heart disease prevention and treatments.

Understanding How COVID-19 has Impacted African Americans

COVID-19 has revealed the wide-ranging health disparities that exist in the United States. Heart disease risk factors effect the outcomes from corona virus infection. Click to learn more.

That’s what we are looking to capture in your COVID-19 story. Have you been uniquely impacted by COVID-19? Does your experience bring to light an issue regarding the disease that needs to be investigated further? We want to give voice to the residents of North Philadelphia. So, tell us your COVID-19 story!

Cardiovascular Disease Disparities in North Philadelphia

WomenHeart Philadelphia

Resources and community events to promote education on heart disease prevention strategies and the availability of treatments to residents located in North Philadelphia.

COVID-19 Narratives Program

COVID-19 has hit the community of North Philadelphia hard. Despite Temple University Hospital (TUH) having 10% of the available hospital beds citywide, it had 30% of the COVID-19 cases in Philadelphia.

COVE-NP Scholars’ Program

The next generation of cardiologists need to be more diverse and well educated on racial, ethnic, and sex-specific differences in heart disease. See how we are preparing the next generation.

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